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Video Editing Video Duplicating Video Transferring Weddings Videography

Negah is what our name. Negah, is a Persion Word, meaning vision. So we, i.e. Negah Video/Web Publishing Company team members would like to describe ourselves as the Visionaries of Video/Web Publishing. Our Web Design Company is well experienced, it started since 1997. In that time we have been able to build up a quite good profile for ourselves. We are located in Vancouver BC, We have walked a long way in the technological field and decided to be a part of the tech society in order to serve the community.

Constant market research is what we are doing everyday in order to provide a better support for the people. Whether you need to automate a simple or complex process in your office or design a website or design a jazzy graphics, we are here to be at your service. Equipped with high-skilled techies and power to analyze the project and meet the deliverables, we are always in the constant development process.

Expert management and thorough analysis of the client’s need is one of the major part in order to run a successful unit. Customer Support and quality development is what keeps us going.

Negah's services:
Video Editing Video Duplicating Video Transferring Weddings Videography

Whether you're new to the net, looking for a design makeover, or wish to ask about our services, call 604.251.9511 or Email Us today!

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